Founder Says

Founder's Message

“Our main objective is to provide positive synergistic motivation to expand our skills and abilities  through education.”

Heritage Public School  recognizes the inner strength of  youth and their uniqueness  to highlight knowledge , intellectual and technological abilities by education and dedication.

The complete process of education is the means of attesting  the total ability of the child and by making our organization its fundamental capabilities a medium, using a systematic process to give a wing to the work efficiency, team work, communication, behavior, ability of the student So that they can successfully face the challenges of life.

Our  aim is to make the students the best citizen of the country by examining the art of learning and experience, through which they will become a courageous, decision maker, respectful  to all religions, self-motivative to their culture and  legacy in life. We have to make a descent into it.

We train everyone at Heritage, where children move forward as those who are self-governing and inventive, who can think, question, and reason coherently; Those who are independent, fit to take fixed and leading choices.

Mr. Harish Chauhan



Promoting a learning-centered education that builds and helps a life long learning community realise its potential while fully appreciating the national, global and multicultural perspectives and the inherent universal values.


  • Equipping children with knowledge, innovation and life skills.
  • Fostering a culture where teachers are mentors, collaborators & active participants in the development of children.
  • Developing leadership in children by helping them to learn, unlearn and adapt as an ongoing process.
  • Inculcating relentless pursuit of excellence as a joyful way of life for every individual in the school.
  • Nurturing social responsibility in children while reinforcing their individuality.
  • Ensuring sustainability as the key motivator in all aspects of life and living.